17 Aug

Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning Retros – $500 and $250 = pure madness!

I just got an email about these and my jaw just dropped when I saw the price. The black and yellow 4s (Black Thunder) are $500 and it comes with a jacket. While the yellow and black 4s (Yellow Lightning) are $250 and it comes with a t-shirt. Both are limited edition. They both look hot in my opinion but damn, I’m not gonna spend that kind of money for those. As a shoe collector, I’m appalled. Or maybe I’m just getting old. August 23 is the release date, 4pm PDT, online at Jumpman23.com and you must be a member. Wonder how many Ebayers will jump on this and how much will they sell it for? By the way, here’s the pics.

alt jordans